What We Do

We deliver high-value products, solutions and services to help you build your communication system and infrastructure to achieve your

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Data Center Network

Provide data platform for networks across private, public and hybrid clouds.

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Enterprise Network

Support independent data processing, storage, transmission and management.

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Optical Transmission Network

Exchange and share data faster and better via fiber equipment.

What We Supply


Cisco Switches, Transceivers, Ethernet, Network Module and More!

Your business is relying on you, and we to help you be the hero! Every business wants their network infrastructure to be reliable and to be able to get the networking products they need right when they need it. Huasico has been helping IT professionals, business, and suppliers, all types and at all levels, get the quality Cisco products and cabling their businesses’ have needed for years. We know this industry and have the best Cisco equipment, accessories, and cabling to enable people, just like you, to make sure their data centers and networks run smoothly and stay running around the clock, without having to worry about network outages, slow turnaround times, and missing your project deadline.

We are continually adding new products and information to help you stay on top of the most recent developments in network infrastructure and solutions. Whether you are in need of new or refurbished Cisco Switches, hot-swappable Cisco Transceivers, easy-to-use Network Modules, safe and high-speed fiber cables, network racking & cabinets, or those hard to find cisco power cords, we have all of the IT network solutions you need to get results and can ship it today! Even if you need a “hard to find” piece of equipment or a large amount of cabling, we will help source these for you and get it shipped out to you fast, so you can relax and hit your deadlines.

Huasico: Real Service, Genuine Products, In Stock

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